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Post Operative Care-Septoplasty, Turbinate Surgery or Nasal Surgery


What to Expect After Surgery


  • Mild to moderately severe sinus pressure and headache discomfort (particularly between the eyes).

  • Minimal (if any) nasal airflow during the First week following surgery. If nasal splints are placed,  these will be removed in a few days.

  • Common to have blood-tinged mucous in the nose and throat. Sometimes there can be quite a bit. 

  • Elevation of body temperature ranging from 99-102 degrees for 1-4 days.

  • Tingling and numbness in the tip of the nose and front teeth due to internal swelling.

  • Allow 4-6 weeks for internal nasal/sinus swelling to return to normal.


Nasal Care Plan:


  • GENTLY apply ice packs over the nose and affected sinuses for the initial 24 hours after surgery

  • (15 minutes on/30 minutes off) if the pressure is bothersome.

  • We recommend using prescription pain medication for the first day.

  • Start antibiotics the day after surgery and complete the course as prescribed.

  • Elevate head with 2 pillows for 2 hours at a time, to help control swelling inside the nose.

  • Avoid any lifting, bending, pulling or straining activities for 2 weeks following surgery (No more than 20 lbs )

  • Begin Saline Irrigation the day after surgery. Use DISTILLED or STERILE WATER (available at the grocery store). Do this twice daily (minimum), for 3 weeks. NEVER USE TAP WATER or WELL WATER, EVEN IF FILTERED.

  • Thick blood tinged mucous plugs will accumulate in the nasal passages. Attempt to rinse and moisturize them frequently (with saline) to prevent crusting and scar formation inside the nose.

  • Apply a nasal emollient at least three times a day to prevent blood from drying on the nasal hairs.

  • You will need a nose spray (generic Afrin called oxymetazoline) if there is bleeding

When to call

If you develop a heavy nosebleed, use the spray every 5-10 minutes to control bleeding. Keep your head in the upright position. Apply ice packs across the bridge of the nose. If bleeding is not controlled within 1 hour, call the office or Medical Exchange, if after hours..
If you are unable to tolerate your medicines or if additional medicines are needed, please call during office hours.

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