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Scheduling can be made through the  Book Now  button or call the office for options.  We are using two platforms to make it easier.  Please be aware that if you use the Book now portal access, there is a delay in approval. Please do not accept access at the time of your appointment because access will not be granted immediately. The better option at that point is to use the portal. 


Please be aware that some medical issues are not amenable to video conferencing.  As such, an office visit will be needed. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

No app to download. This is all web-based interaction with security. If using an iOS mobile device or tablet, please use Safari because it supports audio and camera. Mac Laptop and Desktop can use either Safari or Chrome.  PC and android devices can use Chrome and Firefox.  The best browser is Chrome because it has the fewest security issues with the internet connection. 

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Need In-person Care? 

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