Clinical Research

Dr. Laurence Chu is an active leader in clinical research with more than 16 years of experience.  He works closely with Benchmark Research and has established a well-respected and high-quality center for research. 

We are actively recruiting for COVID-19 Vaccine studies!


We are looking for volunteers 6 months and older.  

The Medicago, Novavax, and Pfizer studies for adults and children are recruiting at this time.

New investigational vaccine candidates are in development and are recruiting. 

Please call Benchmark Research  for more information  1.888.902.9605

We are excited to participate in specific studies pertaining to Ear, Nose & Throat as well. 

Current studies as of April 2021-(links to

                          FX-322 in Adults with stable Sensorineural hearing loss  NOW CLOSED but please call about possible new studies

                          SVT-15652 Otic Solution for the Treatment of Otomycosis          

Please call Benchmark Research  for more information  1.888.902.9605

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