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Clinical Research

Dr. Laurence Chu is an active leader in clinical research with more than 18 years of experience.  As a Medical Director for Benchmark Research, he has established a well-respected and high-quality center for research in Austin, Texas. 

We are actively recruiting for mRNA Vaccine studies and COVID-19 Variants


We are looking for volunteers of all ages.  

New investigational vaccine candidates are in development and are seeking new volunteers. 

Please call Benchmark Research  for more information  1.888.902.9605

Current studies 

  • Phase I Influenza mRNA vaccine- 18+ year old volunteers 

  • Phase I Ebstein-Barr Virus mRNA Vaccine- 18 - 30 year old volunteers

  • Phase I Influenza saRNA vaccine- 18-49 year old volunteers

  • Ongoing COVID variants and booster studies

  • RSV vaccine studies

  • Lyme Disease Vaccine study

  • Ebola Vaccine study



Please call Benchmark Research  for more information  1.888.902.9605

Lab Worker
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