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Respiratory Illness Season- COVID, Influenza and RSV


Post COVID-19 Loss of Smell Evaluation and Treatment are now available


 Below is a link to the CDC website for the current correct medical information about the Coronavirus Pandemic.


UPDATED December 2022

We are maintaining safety and health precautions for the season of COVID, influenza and RSV.

The reception area is now open, with recommendations to continue wearing masks if there are other patients. 

Per CDC and State Mandates-Mask wearing is no longer mandatory but recommended. 

Your Temperature will be taken with a non-contact method. 


                  We would like to make special arrangements for you on arrival to reduce the risks to other patients and staff. 


The exam rooms are decontaminated after every patient visit. 


We ask to minimize the number of people that can attend. One parent with a child patient, please. 


At this time, elective surgery is proceeding as planned. Preoperative COVID-19 testing is no longer mandatory.


We have established Telemedicine options. Please remember that there are limitations to some services via telemedicine in my specialization because of the needed examination. I am in the process of adopting a new ear camera that is reasonably priced to assist in these exams. The camera will be listed soon. However, established patients may find it easier to follow up on some issues. 


We do offer COVID-19 testing. 


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